Photo Booth Rental FAQ's

How big is Photo-matica’s photo booth rental?

Our photo booth is approximately three feet by six feet and stands six feet tall. To the guest, the booth looks like a permanent fixture in the venue – though we have designed it to break down in a matter of minutes, haul it up stairs, and fit through standard sized doorways.

How many people can fit into the photo booth?

We’ve seen up to eight faces in our photo booth’s photos. Though, you still have the comfort and privacy that comes with a design based on the classic photo booths of the past. So, let go of your inhibitions – it’s just you and the camera.

What is required to run the photo booth?

Our traditional photo booth will fit comfortably against a wall or in the middle of the dance floor. It simply requires a standard, three prong electrical outlet (110 volt, 3 prong) – similar to what your TV would need.

How long does it take to develop the photos?

After pressing the Color or B&W arcade buttons, the guest then pushes the start button, which kicks off the the photo snapping process. There is a five second pause between each photo with a live post-view screen and countdown to the next picture. Once all the photos are taken, two beautiful photo-strips dispense into the collection tray in eight second flat!

Do I get digital photo copies?

You’ll receive all the high resolution photos at the end of your event. If we’re unable to find you, we’ll mail or use Dropbox to transfer the hi-rez photos to you. Guests will be able to obtain their own digital copies for FREE by visiting the “Your Photos” page. At your request, we can post pics onto Facebook too! Photos are posted to an online digital gallery the following week.

Is it possible to have my event name or a logo printed on the photos?

We’ll brand and layout your photo strips any way you like. Photo-strips are fully customizable to your liking. Just let us know what you want, you will LOVE our designs.

Can the photo booth be used outdoors?

Yep! We just need a 110 volt power source and a flat, hard surface. In most cases, we prefer a sheltered area since having the booth in direct sunlight is bad for the equipment.

Is the photo booth rental insured?

You can breathe easy. Photo-matica photo booth rental company is a fully insured corporation registered with the state of California. Our attendants have shoulder to shoulder training and have a photography background so you can focus on the important stuff.

Where does Photo-matica travel?

We travel wherever the photo booth rental takes us. There’s a nominal travel fee for events beyond 25 miles from San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Knoxville Tennessee. In many cases, we don’t charge for travel to Orange County, Napa Valley, and Sonoma. We just may need to cover our costs because gas is expensive!

Does Photo-matica offer other photography services?

Yep! Our old-timey photo booth rental is our most popular option, but if you need another photo arrangement (open air booth, green screen photo booth, roaming photographer, etc.), we are pros and can make it happen for you. You’re the boss and what the boss wants, the boss gets!